Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Struck by Tombstone

Child Recovering

Marylin Middleton Struck by Tomb-
stone, Is Almost Well.

  MIDDLEPORT, Jan. 26 - Dr. and 
Mrs. D.C. Middleton and three
children, after a week-end visit
here in the home of the former's
mother, Mrs. Jennie Middleton, and
other home folks, returned Sunday
night to their home in Dayton.
  Marylin, the small daughter in
this family, who was seriously in-
jured last May 26 in the Gravel Hill
Cemetery when a tombstone toppled
over on her, is now almost fully re-
covered with the exception of one
eye, and in time that will be cor-
rected, her physician said.

Athens Messenger
January 26, 1932.

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